Lakewalk Surgery Center Images


"Very professional, and very good with kids! Dr Robinson was very kind and took good care of my son during his dental surgery."

"Very welcoming Dr. Abby Johnson took really good care of my daughter who had dental surgery. I highly recommend her I'm so pleased."

"I really don’t have enough GOOD to say! I’m absolutely petrified of medical facilities, doctors, etc. and the staff made me feel SO comfortable. They were understanding to my unique needs and anxiety and never made me feel judged, which is an absolute first for me. My nurse was Cheri and she was FANTASTIC, so patient, kind and caring. I whole heartedly recommend this facility for any medical needs!"

"Had a total knee replacement there today and I can’t say enough about how well I was treated. My nurse Sara was fantastic and Dr. Hendricks was fantastic. Excellent anesthesiologist Matt.. all around wonderful staff from beginning to end!!! Thank you everyone!!"

"Lakewalk SC was clean, organized and the waiting area was set up for social distancing. Everyone wears a mask and practices good hygiene. My RN , Katie, was so sweet and attentive to my needs. It was a bit strange not having family or anyone with me in the building for surgery and I thought it would be more difficult than it was. I have anxiety issues. Katie helped make things go more smoothly for me and she helped calm me down during anxious moments. I’ve had one other surgery at this place quite a few years back and both of these surgeries were much better than being in a hospital. A surgery center really is the way to go, if you can, because it’s all they do there! You’re in and out the same day and they make you very calm and comfortable. Thanks Lakewalk, Dr Robin Hendricks, Katie (RN) and all of you who do such a great job with caring for us and helping us especially during Covid-19! I’m grateful!"

"Always a positive experience. The nurses, doctors, anesthetics and front desk girls are welcoming and always have smiles."

"Wonderful, caring staff. Explained everything that was going to happen with my 5 year old daughter which put my mind at ease."

"They were amazing! They were friendly and very helpful. They went beyond customer service. We will come here again."

"This is the place you want to go to when you need surgery. Great staff, caring people. The real deal."

"Amazing people. Caring and sweet. Would recommend to everyone."

"Awesome place to go. Excellent staff. Very laid back atmosphere."

"Nicest people to deal with! Surgery was easy and they make you feel so comfortable!"

"It was the easiest surgery I have ever experienced! I have had at least a dozen surgeries and if I need more I will insist it be at Lakewalk Surgery!"

"My wife had surgery on her knee, I just can't believe how nice they are, forgot my glass I had brought with me, before we were home they had called to say they had it. They are very professional in all aspects of their jobs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

"The only thing better than being a patient here, is working for Lakewalk. Grade A exceptional care! Absolute team of professionals! They are a cut above the rest to say the least!"

"Great daughter is 9 and she had no bad experience there, nor did I. The staff was friendly and there to help."

"Fantastic experience. They were very thorough with my wife's surgery. They provided excellent care and enabled her recovery time to be very smooth. We were home by mid-afternoon and ready to start healing. Thanks to everyone, especially our nurse Katlyn."

"I loved it here, they did an awesome job. Have great & nice staff, they did awesome on my ankle. Definitely a good place all around."

"Very happy with my experience at Lakewalk. I would recommend it to anyone. My nurse was awesome everyone was great-- makes you feel good to be treated with such respect. Thank you all"

"The staff at Lakewalk Surgery Center are amazing! From reception to nursing and anesthesia to Dr. Goldschmidt, I haven't ever felt more comfortable or well cared for. Thank you for your caring and personal ways!!"

"Couldn't ask for a better group of people to help me through a knee replacement! I had a choice of outpatient or go to St. Lukes. I am very happy with the choice I made. I never felt like I was ignored or pushed aside. Anything I needed they were there in a flash. ...wonderful one on one."

"Went in for carpal tunnel surgery on December 7 at about 2:30 PM was out and back home by 5:30 PM that’s including the hour and a half ride home. I followed my instructions for the next three days and was back in my shop working on cars Monday morning. Dr. Schnell did the procedure and his nurse called me Friday morning to see how I was doing and then Monday morning Dr. Schnell called to see how I was doing and I was working on cars. Nice facility and a nice staff to call on two different occasions means they care about the work they do. I would recommend Lakewalk Surgery to anybody who needs any type of surgery done"

"I had an arthroscopic lateral leg release, basically had to put my knee cap back in place and my surgeon was amazing! He talked with me before I scheduled my surgery. The staff was awesome and the surgery only took about 45 minutes and I went home the same day! Dr. Rother did such an amazing job, I can walk without pain and feel like a new person! Couldn't be happier!"

"This is the best surgical experience I've ever Had! The staff is wonderful! I had a shoulder surgery and left the hospital with literally no pain for the first 24 hours and only minimal after that! I cannot say enough good things about this place!"

"Lakewalk was a great experience. Efficient, friendly and caring. Coming from a person that works in the medical field I would highly recommend Lakewalk Surgery Center to friends and family. Thank you for everything you did, keep up the good work!"

"If you need to have something done, this is the place to do it. Thanks!"

"The staff always makes you feel as if you are the one and only patient."

"Everyone was very courteous, and met my concerns so nicely. Thank you!"

"Wish I could have all my surgeries at Lakewalk – wonderful experience – great environment – superb staff!"

"I was very satisfied with everything during my recent procedure at your facility. I was especially impressed by the courtesy shown to me and by the personal call from my physician concerning the results of the procedure."

"The atmosphere is more relaxing than the hospital. Staff is very friendly."

"The private room was great! Very comfortable. A great place just to hang out, while waiting or resting!"

"Keep up the excellent service. It was the best in my 63 years!"

"I don’t think I could be more impressed of how well things are run at your center and how smoothly things went for my surgery, from the time I arrived to the time I left – first class! Thank you."

"The staff of the Lakewalk Surgery Center made my daughter very comfortable. I was very impressed with the whole facility. I would highly recommend everyone I know to your facility."

"One of the most efficient and respectful medical experiences I have ever had. Thank you."

"I have been to Lakewalk before and always felt it was an excellent place to go. Have heard many good things about it from others too."

"I will drive the extra miles for this kind of service!"

"I was very impressed. My 5 year old daughter had dental care there and the entire process went smoothly, but most of all, the staff was the greatest. I appreciated being able to accompany my daughter to surgery and to be there when she was masked and put to sleep. As a nurse, I will definitely recommend Lakewalk Surgery Center. P.S. My little girl came out of the center 'happy' and unafraid."

"This was the first time for me to be put under for surgery. I was a little nervous. After everyone talked to me, everything was great. Everyone there was super. Thanks."

"My surgery was not the biggest and most serious in the overall scheme of things - I realize this... but to me it was a major event. To have such a high level of care by your incredibly professional staff was a great choice. Thank you!